Young Photographers Must Find New Paths to Success

I used to be a full-time photojournalist and professional photographer, and I worked hard in the pursuit of success. Now, I work with the same intensity and at the end of the day, I ask myself, “How many good photographs have I made? How many assignments completed today? How much have I done for Dennis Brack Inc?” The answer is none — nothing.

Seems a bit unproductive, but it really isn’t. As president of the White House News Photographers Association, I have been working at full pace to do the thousands of things that help to move this organization along: writing press releases, showing sponsors around Washington, attending meetings about photographers’ coverage of events, producing exhibits, and on and on.

One project that I and others (Ed Eaves, NBC; Pierre Kattar,; Bill Gentile, American University) have been working on is a day-long seminar entitled “The Digital Future,” produced by the White House News Photographers Association and American University on October 6. We all want to stay competitive (I just spent the better part of a week learning Final Cut Pro), and this seminar should assist photographers and editors who are concerned about their future.

In the planning of this event, I met a young photographer who asked me a question I didn’t have the answer for. Glenn Luther has a BA from Kent State and has completed his masters at American University. Glenn shoots both still and video with grace and has recently returned from Afghanistan, where he helped Reza with the formation of his agency for Afghan photographers. Glenn has done everything right to prepare for success in our business.

Glenn asked me, “You’ve had a successful career; what path should I take to make the images and have the quality lifestyle that you have enjoyed?” In the past, I could have given Glenn good advice, but today I don’t have the answer to that question. I hope that the October 6 seminar and the speakers we have invited will help set Glenn on a path to success.

I still make pictures and do assignments. Right now, I’m on assignment at the White House — sitting at our extremely cramped desk with a CNN videographer in the desk behind mine. The space is so tight that we have to move together if we want to get in and out of our tiny spaces. So much for success and life in the fast lane!

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