Yeah, But Can Grandma Do This?

We found an interesting retort to the “endangered species” post by Alan Mutter (pictured). From a commenter on Roy Greenslade’s blog:

I’m a US newspaper photographer. My job may be threatened in the future by the economics of newspapering, but not because of amateurs shooting breaking news.

Spot news, even other types of news, makes up so little of most daily grind photojournalists’ days that it is almost insignificant. Features, portraits, illustrations, press conferences, kids in school, business people in front of computers, that is what 90% of press photographers spend 90% of their time doing each day.

You don’t find that on flickr. And amateurs have been awarded Pulitzers – PULITZERS – on two or three occasions or more, all before the internet. No one lost jobs over that then.

I’m employed because I make good pictures out of mundane situations. The Queen Mary 2 comes to town (an example used in the original link)? Yeah, grandma can shoot a ‘publishable’ picture. But can she make an almost flattering image of the stuffed suit in a cubicle?

Valid points, all.

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