Words on Skin

The combination of two art forms, done successfully and for maximum effect, can have a visceral effect on viewers. Take writing and photography, both extremely powerful on their own. When used together — when the choice of words and phrases is an integral part of the image conveyed — the result can be surprising and unique.

Santa Barbara photographer Mark Velasquez (pictured) posted a stunning 15-picture series called
Body Writing: Thoughts you won’t admit to
on photo-sharing site Flickr.

With lines such as “I’m surprised how much I miss you” written across a woman’s back, or “Try harder, I’m worth it” written on the arms of a woman covering her nude body, the photographs are a testament to love, loss, longing and strength.

For other examples of this approach, see the Flickr photo pool
Words on Skin,
which has images such as “Someday” written on a woman’s belly and
“my autobiography”
written across a woman’s collar bone.

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