What Stock Photography Sites Are Top-of-Mind with Marketers Today?

The Marketing Executive Networking Group (MENG) is a networking organization of more than 1,700 senior-level marketing pros who have reached at least the VP level. Most have worked for Fortune 500 companies and graduated from top business schools. In other words, if you’re a commercial stock photographer, MENG members are great clients to have.

As a MENG member, I often receive group e-mails from other members asking for input on various marketing decisions. For example, one member recently sent out the following query:

My company needs artwork/photos it can apply to toilet seat lids. (Artwork is not the Mona Lisa, but something like a simple beach or mountain scene.) Can you recommend an online stock photo and/or artwork supplier?

The informal survey generated about 50 responses, which the member was kind enough to compile and send back out for the benefit of others. MENG gave me permission to share the results of the poll. The names of recommended suppliers follow, along with the number of members who vouched for each:

Getty Images 22

iStockphoto 15

Corbis 7

Comstock Images 3

Jupiterimages 3

Shutterstock 2

Redhot Footage 1

Age Fotostock 1

Spot Runner 1

Veer 1

SuperStock 1

Fotosearch 1

Flickr 1

Photo.com 1

Fab Photography 1

StockPhoto.com 1

Dennis Coello Photography 1

Realviews Photography 1

Images.com 1

Shutterfly 1

OnRequest Images 1

BigStockPhoto.com 1

What do you think? See any surprises?

I was surprised a little at Getty’s dominance. Considering that it also owns iStockphoto, that’s about 75 percent of respondents pointing to a single supplier.

I was also a little surprised that the top-of-mind awareness for iStockphoto exceeded that of both Corbis and Jupiterimages/Comstock combined.

Of course, it’s a relatively small (if influential) sample, so take this information for what it’s worth.

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  1. I need a resourse to Market a Massai calender I have made and also companies that sell to cruise ships, for example, for the silent auctins. canvases, pottery, mounted photos. etc. can you please help me. thank you. veda

  2. How about a post on "Why Photographers Hate Stock Photo Companies". That would be real interesting, don't you think?



  3. I'm truly surprised that Alamy don't get a mention. With a collection at the time of this post of well over 10,000,000 pictures, now 16.4 million surely they must be on the radar.

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