Ready to Photograph Fall Foliage? Use a Color Map

Fall foliage is reaching its peak in mid to upper New England, and the weather is beautiful and warm — so now is the time to take those Sunday drives with camera in hand.

There are tons of good routes around New England, including Rte 7 up the west side of Connecticut, Massachusetts and Vermont — just be prepared for traffic if you stay on the main road. You can’t get lost in New England very easily, so I’d suggest you find a small town with peak color and then just drive down the side roads, buy some cider and a few pumpkins and enjoy the ride.

In Connecticut check out the Litchfield Hills area. The towns of Litchfield, Bantam, Washington, Woodbury and Southbury are all great places to wander.

Fall Color Maps

To keep up on where the colors are peaking, check out this page of fall color maps for New England and Pennsylvania. I tried several of these maps and they’re are among the most current and accurate on the Web.

Outside of New England, you can find peak colors for anywhere in the country using these Weather Channel maps.

When you’re shooting fall colors, remember that cloudy days create rich saturated colors, so take a ride regardless of the weather. Of course, as I write this the skies are radiant blue and I’m heading out myself!

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