Robert Wilson Presents “VOOM Portraits” — a Hybrid of Still Photography and Motion Pictures

Cool Hunting reports on “VOOM Portraits,” a fascinating new style of video portraiture by artist and theater director Robert Wilson, to be featured at shows in New York this month:

Known for his glacier-paced theatrical productions with Tom Waits and Lou Reed, Wilson’s now bringing his aesthetic to a video format. Recent developments in HD technology have allowed Wilson to create … a precise hybrid of still photography and motion pictures.

Actors such as Brad Pitt (as a crazy person on the streets in the rain), Isabelle Huppert (as Greta Garbo), Steve Buscemi (as a mad butcher chewing gum on a variety show) [and] Robert Downey Jr. (as a dreaming corpse in a Rembrandt painting)… were asked to “think of nothing” and move slowly and steadily to collaborate in Wilson’s vision of who they might be.

More details on the Wilson exhibits here.

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