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Time Magazine’s “You” Includes Photographers

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In its December 25th issue, Time magazine chose “You” as Person of the Year [2]. The article notes that in 2006, what is called Web 2.0 by many has witnessed “community and collaboration on a scale never seen before,” and predicts that “this is an opportunity to build a new kind of international understanding, not politician to politician, great man to great man, but citizen to citizen, person to person.”

It’s no surprise then that photo-sharing sites such as Photobucket [3], Zooomr [4] and Flickr [5] have become heavy hitters in the online space. One new service [6] offered by Flickr, for example, reflects the rise of amateurs — listing the most popular cameraphones (Sony Ericcson K750i, Nokia N73, Nokia N70, Sony Ericcson K800i and Sony Ericcson W810i) used by members.

No doubt about it, we are in a historical period right now where content creation is practiced by professionals and amateurs alike. And there is room — and need — for both.

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