The Image Comes First, But Words Are Also Important in Photography

Without a doubt, the photographs themselves — whether they’re about an enthralling subject, an enticing color, an unusual shape, or amazing lighting or composition — are what draw us in. But a photograph’s accompanying header, title and caption can be equally important, at least in getting someone to take that first or more detailed look.

Case in point is the online art photography magazine In addition to the clever name of the publication, several of the titles within the issues peak one’s interest.

There is The Hyena People of Nigeria by Pieter Hugo, about a family that makes its living as entertainers working with wild animals such as hyenas, snakes and monkeys. And Suburban Fetish by Sandy Nicholson that documents fetishism as an everyday, even integral and non-threatening thread of life in Australian society.

And, as yet another example, Masks and Facades, in which Olaf Martens focuses on women showcasing their exuberant lust for life.

Words also help put descriptive terms around a photograph that otherwise might be overlooked or go unrecognized. On photo-sharing sites, which are being increasingly used to showcase photographers’skills and help market their services, the tags placed on each image help both photography buyers and the casual purchaser locate a picture along defined parameters.

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