Technology Keeps Moving Forward; Are You Moving with It?

In my lifetime, the pace of technological change has been astounding. It can be challenging to keep up sometimes — but today, it’s essential for those who want to grow their businesses.

Computer systems are vital to both large and small companies today. Except for the very smallest of businesses, where inventory and money can be counted quickly by hand, a computer is needed for bookkeeping, monitoring inventory, generating P & L statements and other reports needed for making decisions.

But business computing isn’t just for bean-counters anymore. Today, computers are taking on a much larger role in the corporate world — revolutionizing the way we communicate.

Back in the Day

The earliest professional communicators sat around campfires telling stories and communicating their tribe’s culture through the ages.

With the printing press, storytellers could communicate to larger audiences. The radio opened up audiences to hearing the stories, and then TV helped us to go global. When tape recorders and VCRs came on the scene, we were able to control when we heard and watched something.

Computers came on to replace the typewriter. During the ’80s, e-mail and the Internet entered the workplace. In 1993, the World Wide Web changed business, as well as almost everything else, forever. Now, in addition to an e-mail address, we have url addresses.

Newspapers and other traditional ways of communication are losing their subscription base. People no longer watch the evening news or pick up a paper, they just go to the Web at their convenience. Google makes it possible to navigate through millions of Web sites to locate information through their search engine.

Staying on Top of Change

Progressive companies stay abreast of — and effectively leverage — technological change. They are learning to use the Web to solve their communication problems.

It is no longer necessary or even practical to gather around a table to ensure employees understand a product, procedure or pricing. Companies are finding fast, reliable ways share ideas throughout their infrastructure electronically.

Many years ago, the newspaper industry recognized the ability of fine photographs to draw readers into a story. Even today, the top slot for a newspaper photo is on the front page, above the fold; that picture sells the paper. Web sites also use visuals to communicate and grab an audience’s attention — but this now extends beyond still images to include video, multimedia and even virtual reality.

Blogging allows communication to be interactive. Comments posted on a blog allow interaction with the information. I have been blogging for a few years through my own blog and this one. I began producing multimedia packages (combining still images with audio). This is a powerful means of communication that can reach people on an emotional level.

Lately I have been shooting Sphere Panoramic Photos (360 degree). It is a whole new way of looking at things! New media have helped me to communicate more effectively with my audiences than ever before.

Many of you are familiar with my photography; however, you may not be aware that I design Web sites for clients as well as offer workshops — teaching companies a variety of visual communication skills and the combining of visual means of communication for the Web.

I tell these clients that effective communication is the difference between success and failure in business today — and that technology is key to achieving this objective.

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