Survival Strategies for Photographers: Spend Time — Not Money — on Marketing

In this post in my video series on survival strategies for photographers, I look at some low-cost and no-cost ways to attract new business in a down economy.

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  1. Great, simple ideas. The iPad giveaway is a very cool idea - would really add a new dimension to the final package for families. Thanks!

  2. Good idea; I do a lot (LOT) of non-profit stuff, not always for free, though. But I bill them with a significant discount shown on the bill for at least the shooting time and usually any prints. This establishes the value of products/services and the savings they recognize. They get value and I look good. Also it's important to identify yourself during the shoot (ID tag, name tag) and perhaps work a "thank you" into the event program.

  3. This is definitely near and dear to my low budget heart! My best form of 'free' advertising lately has been to donate a gift certificate to a local charity auction for a portrait session and a few prints or a new frame. They make money on the auction and viola you build your business with:
    1. A new customer who will almost always order more than the free prints that comes w/the shoot.
    2. A new network of customers from that customer. (I try to go viral and give a referral credit voucher towards more pictures for any new booking thus getting more sales too since they never end up just spending the credit!).
    3. Exposure from the auction (give them a stack of business cards to put out in front of the certificate). They often have an auction booklet printed as well which should include your business.
    4. Don't forget to put in your donation as a tax write off!

  4. I liked the ideas shared here. However situation in India is little different. So based on the ideas shared, I'll try to work out something suitable for my customers here. Thanks!

  5. Shawn-
    Good presentation. On Marketing, I assume you scour the newspaper for engagement announcements and send them a high-quality brochure of your wedding services. Right?

  6. Albert, not usually since their engagement announce. has an image and it most often is made by the photographer they commissioned for their wedding day...

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