Student Photographers Get People Thinking

Beautiful photography can warm the soul, but photography that lights a fire in people sometimes compels them to action. Here are some examples of student work that might just make a difference.

Drawing attention to the poor conditions of South Carolina’s rural schools, a touring exhibit called “But What About Us?” showcasing 60 student photographs is on display this week at the Gaillard Municipal Auditorium (via the Charleston Post Courier ), with Director Bud Ferillo’s documentary, “Corridor of Shame: The Neglect of South Carolina’s Rural Schools,” being screened on Wednesday. This slideshow and gallery on the Corridor of Shame site provide vivid evidence of the dilapidated conditions at these schools — exposed walls, crumbling ceilings, broken toilets and sinks, and more.

The work of digital photography students at South Texas College is showcased on 10 billboards in Texas’s Rio Grande Valley (via the Houston Chronicle). The photographs range from ones representing life as a soldier’s wife to anti-smoking and anti-drunk driving messages.

And students at Spaulding High School in Vermont contributed to the exhibit Across Generations: the Barre Portrait and Oral History Project (via Times Argus ), in which they interviewed local senior citizens about their lives and took accompanying black-and-white photographs of each subject. The Center for Photographic Studies in Barre, Vermont, which created the photography class that formed the basis of the exhibit, hopes to continue teaching students the art of black-and-white photography.

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