Stop Running Your Photography Business Like a Hobby

It’s great to have a passion for photography, but that alone won’t pay the rent. Unless you can get equally committed to the business side of the profession, your photography is doomed to remain a hobby or source of supplemental income. In this video, I offer some tips on how to get focused on developing your business.

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  1. I'm an amateur photographer--on purpose. An artist by nature and ran my own business in another field for over a decade. Not in a hurry to go into business at this point in my life, but this is great information for those who are in business or considering it.

  2. Maybe it's just me, but I hate video posts. I would've read every single word you had to say on this subject, but watching a video just doesn't do it for me. Sorry.

  3. I agree.. I can read but can't listen to video posts..

  4. Have to agree with Anthony on this one.

  5. This post is a little weak in giving how to develop tips.

    It is counterproductive to keep a journal of everything you do in a week. That, by itself, will get you nowhere. The very first thing a wedding photographer should do is WRITE his/her business plan. If you do not have what it takes to write a business plan YOURSELf, you want a hobby, not a business. You will need to learn some things in order to write a business plan. It must be a neatly typed and organized document. The time you spend now will pay off in spades later.

    The second thing is get out there and sell. Marketing is selling. Sell yourself. If you cannot do those two things, stick with having fun with your friends and family hobby.

  6. I totally agree with Anthony and Charles.
    An excerpt or written posts would be much more easy and faster. All the information you give can be read in 20 seconds. Saves me a lot of time not having to sit through a 2 minute clip. Time is money.

    And Charles is very correct. Serious about starting your business? Write down your business plan. But it's ok if you don't want your photography work to be a business. Just keep on having fun. You don't need to go pro because of all your photographing friends are doing so and if you do have a great job.

  7. Agreed with the two comments about video posts. Reminds me of a bait 'n switch. Way to go.

  8. Some people prefer video and some people like written posts ... both are valid, and each are labeled by type. We've had both kinds of posts on this blog for years, so what's the beef?

  9. The problem with video posts is that I can't watch them at work, but I can read the other posts and still look like im working. 🙂

  10. I'd be happy to add written articles to the mix to, but some people are visual learners, wanting to connect with the face of the person walking them through things and others want the written word. I love learning from both!
    : )

    The business plan can of course go into your business running it profitably. Set goals, then go about a marketing and sales plan to achieve them. It's simple, but it's not easy.

    And Vanessa, that's of course fabulous as long as you're happy!

    Great thoughts here -

  11. Will watch @ home when I'm not on iPhone

  12. Perhaps giving this another title would have been more meaningful to those of us who really want to take our photography to the next level. It almost asks for a defensive statement. Sure there are people who just love taking photos. I love taking them too. But I also know that my photos are of a professional level and I really want to do something more with them. Having a bunch of photos on your hardrive does not pay the bills. So Yay, for this vid. I like to read things too - visual - rather than listen. But I did make the effort for this one. Thank you Natalie.

  13. Thank you very much Natalie, your advices are very very useful, thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  14. The point of the video clip and the journal for a week... to take a step back and look at what you're doing and how you can improve it! Great as always Natalie, you've inspired me to finally take the steps needed to do what I want and love to do and make it mine =) Just discovered you a week ago and lots of changes in store for my company. Again, thanks so much!

  15. Thanks Natalie, your post is a great reminder to keep up with your goals, and for all of you who spent the time lambasting Natalie, shame on you. Her aim was to help and her effort should be applauded.

  16. I think its easy to get caught up with the idea that for people running their own business it is all about the money. For business heads like our Natalie here, its important that you earn the big bucks and become 'successful' For some, for example those with creative talents, its just important that they do what they are passionate about, if that makes them enough to get by on then great. I think each to there own, as long as customers are receiving the quality and service they have paid for then it doesn't matter if you have had a business plan in place or marketing strategy, this just might not be your thing.

  17. Sorry, but this was Much Ado about Nothing. Basically you said that it was necessary to go out and do things to promote your business. You just said it over and over and over, without giving any specifics on how you thought this could be accomplished. So, yes, the video was unnecessary and a one sentence blurb could have accomplished the same thought.

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