Stock Photographers Fight Back Against RF with RM Calculator

John Harrington wrote in April about the Picture Licensing Universal System (PLUS), a system of standards for use by photographers, illustrators, stock agencies, designers, publishers, ad agencies and others. Photographers may access and view the PLUS glossary and licensing codes for free, making it a no-cost system for you to integrate into how you license your work.

Now, the Stock Artists Alliance (SAA) has unveiled the SAA Plus Packs Calculator, an open-source software tool designed to make RM licensing easier. According to the SAA/PLUS press release:

Stock image users will benefit from an easy-to-use and time saving process of RM pricing and licensing which will aid them in budgeting and planning projects. They will also have more confidence in working with licensors of all sizes through a universal standard. In turn, RM stock distributors, archives and artists will gain greater exposure and opportunities for their RM imagery among customers who may have otherwise opted for simplified licensing models.

PLUS Packs offer a solution to a challenge faced by RM licensors today: How can they reclaim business lost to RF? Industry surveys and reports affirm that stock image users value the quality and diversity of RM collections, yet often cite the “hassle factor” — both real and perceived — as a reason why they might choose RF images instead.

As a longtime buyer of stock photography, I can tell you that I’ve often gravitated to RF because, when you’re juggling a communications department or a full roster of clients, it’s one less thing to worry about. Or at least that’s how I’ve viewed it.

Maybe the SAA calculator will start changing this perception.

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