Stock Footage Generates $282 Million Annually

A recent study by The Association of Commercial Stock Image Licensors (ACSIL) determined that the global stock footage industry generates approximately $282 million in licensing revenue annually. Data on estimated revenues, content type, Web functionality and region was collected from 67 key footage companies.

The 259-page report provides a comprehensive and detailed examination of the issues and challenges faced by leaders in the footage-licensing field and covers a broad spectrum of critical topics including: the state of digitization; the nature of current license agreements and rights packages; the emergence of new markets and customer types; changes in order volume; and current approaches to marketing and new business development.

“This report allows individual companies to understand their own performance within the context of the broader industry,” said ACSIL Co-President David Sheehan. “To have so many participants share information is one of the many delightful outcomes of commissioning this study.”

The global survey takes a bottom-up approach to estimating the dollar size of the total footage industry, focusing specifically on a group of 355 active, commercial footage companies/departments identified as part of the study. The estimate of total industry annual revenue ($282 million) is built from the sum of the individual revenue estimates applied to each company.

“There is so much information in the report and the synthesis is really a joy to read,” said Peter McKelvy, Vice President of Footage and Music Services, Discovery Communications Inc. “For me, educating an executive team in a large company about the footage sales business, this report will be invaluable.”

The industry was also analyzed based on a variety of other aspects including geographic distribution. For example, 48 percent of the companies analyzed in the global survey are based in the United States, accounting for $170 million in gross revenue or 60 percent of the global market. 24 percent are based in the U.K., accounting for $63 million.

You can obtain a copy of the report here.

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  1. Hello. I am a Vietnam Vet and have been working on a book and multimedia presentation on the war. In particular, we are covering a battle called Lam Son 719 - the incursion of South Vietnamese troops into Laos in 1971 using US helicopter support. I need help finding out who the stock company(s) are that have network coverage for this battle period. That would include ABC, NBC, and CBS for video and AP, UPI, Time, and Life for still photos, I assume. I was there as a pilot and flew these correspondents for a week in the early phase of the battle. I have a few still photos of the crews, so I know a lot about what they filmed early on. Thanks. jef

  2. Dr. Fulbrook,

    I'm not sure if this will be any help to but here is a link to an article about photojournalists that died will covering Lam Son 719.

    Dennis Lowery
    Veterans Publishing Systems

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