Stanley’s Photo Tutorial: Using a Secondary Light Source

Editors’s note: We are pleased to introduce a new series of photography tutorials from veteran Black Star photographer Stanley Leary.  In this video, Stanley offers advice on using auxiliary light sources outdoors, including a flash, a reflector and a constant light source (e.g., an LED).

6 Responses to “Stanley’s Photo Tutorial: Using a Secondary Light Source”

  1. Funny, because the shot with the background 2 stops down, and Gibbs correctly exposed... well, the background isn't 2 stops down - it looks more like the correctly exposed shot.

    A nice intro though.

  2. Very interesting video. Thank you for sharing this.

  3. I would agree that it is not more obvious difference.

  4. Thanks for advice!

  5. The Leary and Frazeur show!!! Thanks for the lesson guys!


  6. What type of LED light are you using, it seems so powerful?
    Thanks for all these videos!

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