Self-Portrait Studio Helps Make Photographers Gala a Success

At the White House News Photographers Association’s annual awards gala last month, we recognized photographers for their compelling images of political figures and major news events. But the photographs taken at the event helped make the evening a special one.

Black Star photographer (and Black Star Rising contributor) John Harrington set up a full photo studio as part of the after-dinner entertainment. He handed the attendees the shutter release and allowed them to take their own portraits.

Participants received prints made from John’s printer, and everyone else could join the fun by viewing the images on a flat screen near the bar and dance floor. It was quite a bit of work for John, but WHNPA dinner guests had a blast. To see the results from John’s studio, you can view pictures here.

In the image below, John is in the background as WHNPA guests enjoy his creation.

Thanks, John, for using your creativity to make the night a special one.

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  1. THANKS DENNIS! It was a pleasant surprise to stumble across this - totally unexpected!

    I did a blog post about doing it last year, which you can see here -

    which goes into, and has links as to just how we did it, and what the setup is made of!

    -- John

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