Recharge Your Brand by Photographing Your Customers

Do you ever wonder if your corporate message has gotten a bit stale? Sure, you know your company’s strengths, and there are lots of reasons why it is successful. Your communications team probably routinely utilizes a specific set of phrases that describe your company’s distinctiveness. But after a while your message begins to sound just like a dozen other “unique” organizations.

How do you recharge your brand and truly differentiate your company from its competitors? Here’s an idea: Use photography to go on location with your customers.

Differentiation with Photography

Photography is a great way to capture what truly makes your brand different — to define your personality without words.

Try this: Close your eyes. What does your company look like? What kind of face would you put on it? What are its traits and disposition? What colors, shapes and textures do you see?

Now translate those images into photos. They can be of your offices, your people, or your products. Photos are to corporate communications what music is to lyrics: a singular and expressive means to complement your message. Together, photos and words can show your audience exactly who you are and what you’re all about.

In my experience, one of the most effective ways companies can recharge their brands — and rediscover what sets them apart — is by showcasing their customers. Your customers know better than anyone, after all, what makes your product or service special.

Get Inspired Again

Remember the ads that followed Snapple drinkers to where they enjoy the beverage? These clever spots depicted people drinking Snapple in a variety of interesting places. Customer photos personalize your product in a way that posed model shots can’t. Featuring real customers using your product lends a mark of authenticity that humanizes your brand.

Obtain permission from your customer to visit their site to take candid shots of them interacting with your product. They may even love the attention, so it’s a chance to strengthen your relationship.

Are people using your products in exotic locales? In unexpected places? At Black Star, we once got a shot of a mountain climber eating a certain brand of chips at 12,000 feet! Take your audience on a trip and inspire their imaginations.

Who knows — you might re-inspire your brand in the process.

One Response to “Recharge Your Brand by Photographing Your Customers”

  1. As an Industrial / Corporate photographer specializing in photography for business this is such an under rated topic.

    Client Testimonials have to be the best promotional material any business can have. References if you will.

    Everybody can win. My client gets applause from customers along with a chance to reconnect and offer recognition to a customer. My client’s client gets recognition of their clever use of the product or service and maybe promotion of their own efforts. And I as the photographer, get to meet a possible new contact with the recommendation of my original client ...... an already trusted name.

    This has to be the most under used marketing technique Business to Business clients use. Especially now in the era of Blogs etc.

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