To Increase Referrals, Post Wedding Photos on Facebook — Right After the Ceremony

In this video, I discuss one way I use Facebook to drive referrals — posting client wedding photos a day or two after the ceremony. It’s a great way to beat amateurs to the punch and ensure that your photos are the ones used in the Facebook profiles and albums of participants and guests.

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  1. Great point. Whenever your talking about your photography, being first is always important. First to reply to a bride's contact email. First to say thank you for business, and first to post pics.

  2. I've tried to do this in the past but more out of excitement. I never thought about beating the wedding guests to the punch. I always just assumed mine would "win" once we posted them but first is an even better strategy.

    Thanks for pointing this obvious strategy out to me.

  3. A good post, Sean, that makes some great points. I believe it's also about creating a lasting first impression of the images from the wedding day for the couple and guests.

    If our (pro) photos are the first ones people see, they are the ones they will remember the most. If they get to see the amateur ones first, then those images will be the ones to stick in people's minds.



  4. Hey Sean, thanks for sharing! Just wondering....If your posting images on FB a couple days after the wedding, aren't the bride & groom on their honeymoon? Does it bother your clients that the whole online community may see some of their images before they do? I have stayed away from posting until they are back in town & sometimes even until they have seen all their images before hand. Do you talk with them before hand & they are okay with it? I know a lot of people do this...and I want to too!

  5. Hi Rachael,

    Thanks for your note. First let me say that even if you're on your on honeymoon, you're still checking your e-mail and your facebook page. I just had a couple ask me to post photographs while they were waiting for their flight to Costa Rica.

    Because I'm already friends with them I'm able to "share" their photographs with their friends. But, I also have many other friends, so they are also able to see them. However, I have privacy controls set so that only my friends and their friends can see the images and they of course sign a contract allowing me to share their pictures to advertise my business and that includes Facebook.

    Finally, I have very few photographer friends. In fact, I try and keep that limited to people I know personally. From my point of view it's pointless to "market" your work to other photographers. That's exactly the wrong way to find business. Now I have a group of photographers who refer me business and I refer them in the same way. But I know them personally, have a similar style and have largely worked with them on some level in the past.

    Photographers who friend other photographers in hopes of getting more referrals or just staying clued in on the photographer scene are missing a huge opportunity IMHO. In fact they may be doing themselves and their businesses a great disservice...

    Hope this helps!

  6. Thanks so much for your response Sean! I always wondered how that worked with so many wonderful photographers posting so quickly. I had done it a couple of times when clients were okay with it, but most of them didn't seem may be a "southern" thing!

    I never thought about the privacy control settings on FB and controlling who see's what. However, I have a business page, and that's where I link my blog when images are posted of clients. Maybe I'll start posting albums from my personal page that are only visible to them & their friends. Never would have thought about it thank YOU!

    Not sure what you were addressing in your last couple paragraphs about marketing & photographers who friend other photographers, regarding my previous comment, could you clarify? I may just be having a "blond" moment. Just to clarify on my end, I have a personal FB page, and a Business FB page for my photography.

  7. That's not a bad advice at all!

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