Matthew Pillsbury Goes Back to the Future with “Screen Lives”

A remarkable black-and-white photography exhibit, Matthew Pillsbury’s “Screen Lives,” runs through Feb. 24 at the M+B in Los Angeles.

As described by Sharon Mitoza of Wired:

[Pillsbury] creates large, black-and-white photographs using an 8×10 camera — the original high-def imaging device. He takes long exposures (often an hour or two) of people working with computers, using handheld electronic devices or watching television.

Shot at night, and lit solely with ambient light, the resulting images are eerie landscapes and interiors where screens glow solid white and objects emerge clearly, while human figures are little more than ghostly blurs, rendered almost invisible by their movements. Reminiscent of early photographic attempts to capture paranormal phenomena, the series suggests that bodies are merely shadows cast by the light of electronic screens.

You can view photographs from the exhibit here.

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