A Photojournalist Follows His Passion — to an Austrian Village

After working for Magnum Photos in New York City for a year and a half, Martin Fuchs, photographer and author of Journal of a Photographer: A Photojournalism Blog, recently decided to return to his native Austria to document the village of his father and the people still living there. His reasons for returning were personal, too.

One of the reasons I decided to return to Vienna was the strong feeling I have — to finally start working on a project that sticked to my mind for a long time. Shortly after getting my drivers license and first car I decided to visit this small village in a part of Lower Austria where my father lived. I wanted to see if I would recognize his pink painted farm after so many years. That was in 1999.

I did recognize it, the house was still in it’s original condition. My fathers shirts, trousers and coats were hanging in the wardrobes and his working shoes were standing underneith the wash basin in the kitchen. There was a calendar hanging on the kitchen wall, leaving the impact of this week in May 1993 in which my father lost his life

Martin was inspired to undertake this project by a blog post titled Project Bullshit
written by freelance photographer John Loomis
. Read John’s post and see if it doesn’t motivate you as well.

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