Photojournalism on the Rise as an Art Form

Jodi Mailander Farrell of McClatchy Newspapers penned an interesting piece last month highlighting art galleries in New York that are showing off photojournalism. Farrell adds that sales of photojournalism are also on the rise, in part because the images are less expensive than other art forms:

Most photos by professional lensmen and women today are relatively affordable compared to other art forms. That’s part of the medium’s appeal, especially among young art collectors. While a Matisse or Picasso … may be out of reach, images by prominent working photojournalists can be purchased for under $1,000.

And they’re accessible. Intimidated by walking into a hushed art gallery? An original print by Weegee — a news photographer from the 1930s known for stark black-and-white photos of New York crime scenes and car wrecks — recently appeared on eBay for $1,250.

She also notes the advantages of working for an agency like Black Star:

Most photojournalists presenting their works in galleries come from independent photo agencies, such as VII, Magnum, Sygma and Black Star. That’s not only because they’re tops in their field; they also own their work, a copyright privilege most staff photographers at newspapers and magazines do not possess.

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  1. Dear Black Star,
    I'm subscribed to your blog. I'm also photojournalist and I reckon most of your readers are photographers too.

    Can you post more useful posts as this one? I mean it's very superficial and it's lacking any useful information. Sure photojournalism is rise as an art form, but that's old news dated in 1955 and Steichen's exhibition The Family of Man.

    In the future please include useful information so others can have some use from the post.

    Like how photojournalist that sale photographs in art galleries does solve the problem with print sizes and numbers of copies?

    I know that Martin Parr sell a picture in only seven prints size 1x 1,5 m and a dozen prints smaller sizes.


  2. Tough crowd. We'll see what we can do.

  3. I mostly agree with Borut above. We like to collect art, at least art that we can afford and mostly it has been authorized litho's from painters so far. I went looking to buy a James Nachtwey print and his work starts at $4,000, above my price range.

    And buying any kind of art from eBay just seems like a scam waiting to happen.

    So, how about links to sites or galleries selling photojournalists work?

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