Photographers on Twitter, Part 2: My Favorite Tweets

Since my last post on Twitter photographers, I have blessedly extended my network on Twitter. Most of my new followers/friends on Twitter are photographers, and every day there are more surfacing.

One of the unique functions of Twitter is the “favorite” button. By clicking the star button on the right of a tweet you can save it to your profile, like a bookmark. The photographers I follow tweet about everything from new freelance jobs and camera/accessory releases to posting links of their latest photographs. I love “favoriting” an interesting tweet and reviewing it later.

This post will highlight a few of my recent favorite tweets by photographers. You’ll also notice some tweets start with the letters “RT” which stand for re-tweet, Twitter etiquette for what you do if you want to tweet another person’s tweet and credit them. So if you’re not familiar with Twitter, you will get a sense of the activity that takes place among some of the photographers in this buzzing online hub of short communication.

Across the Twitterverse

In the past few months I’ve seen Twitter become a place where photographers worldwide congregate. Here are just a few of the photographers in the United States and U.K./Europe who I have followed, plus a recent, favorite tweet. I hope to see more from Latin America, Africa and Asia –- follow me @mestrich.

Twitter U.K. and European Photographers

@shootmeup site features our portraits & extensive photographs from the past year of the best nightclubs in LONDON

@Benrobertsphoto has been shortlisted for the BJP Project Assistance Awards!

@ simonridgway Q. What computer should I buy? A. The best one you can afford. Preferably a Mac if you’re a photographer.

@rbrtdotbiz cappuccino. 1 lazy day before leaving for brussels tomorrow morning. photo assignment on nye.

@HrotkoPhoto I am going to start a new project soon. Here is a small preview:

@A_jax Has just seen his new website go live.

Twitter U.S. Photographers

@genehiga Loving my wedding today. @annhamilton and I having a blast. My couple is very comfortable in front of a camera.

@Jim_juris I added a 5th matted photograph that I am selling to my Etsy shop. You can view 5 of my photos and descriptions at

sh-sh-shake it like a poladroid picture!

@OneHueRed Seeing red. #photo: Drops of red velvet … (via claudiogennari)

@bryanf a cool app for flickr….simple too….

@bygbaby RT @newmediaphoto What is a photojournalist? #photography, #photog #pho. This is a great article.

@fotozine Reuters picture of the year 2008:

@1001noisycamera The “Inauguration of Hope”, Obama in Photography Books:

@chadpil Polaroid film may survive yet! RT @tylerstoffel: Did you guys see this yet? #APAD

@AmiSanyal Photographer Scott Andrews on how he rigs remote cameras for Inauguration Day:

@kodakCB just added a slideshow with more photos of Martin Luther King by Ben Fernandez on 1000Words blog

@RoninVision Apparently Martin Luther King was a fine pool player. He used to go into pool halls to organize. #MLK

@dantemarshal New blog post: Dante Marshall’s list of cool things

@ryanswigert Branding Hitman: The Daily Hit List

@HrotkoPhoto I am going to start a new project soon. Here is a small preview:

Photo Resources on Twitter

Photography businesses and organizations have quickly learned how to market themselves on Twitter with casual and natural contributions. Check out these old and new faces:

@pdnonline A joint-venture of Blend, Glow Images and Rubberball won the auction to buy SuperStock with a bid of $2.825M.

@momenta Documentary Photography & Multi-media Workshops in Locations Across the Globe

@TwiPphoto Follow this feed to keep up to speed with the This Week in Photography Podcast and Blog

@shutt3r Look no further for the best news, pics, and vids about photography.

@photo_network Photography Network is a leading dedicated social network for photographers worldwide

So, are you still not on Twitter?

Allow me to re-tweet U.K. photographer @abstracts: “Treat words like jewels — don’t waste them, my nan told me. She was right, 140 characters makes you think more, then say more with less.” You don’t have to devote (and perhaps waste) a lot of time to give your two cents and join the Web’s shortest conversations. Just a few words (and a link) will do.

I envision Twitter will be a place for smart and beneficial exchanges to take place among talented people, specifically those within the photographic community at large. Let’s see how far it grows.

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  3. I really enjoyed reading this!
    I wanted to share also that I've created a group at for Photographers who use both flickr and twitter.

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    I'd love to have some really phenomenally talented photographers joining the group.

    Serena Matthews

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