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Photographers Go Hyperlocal

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Placeblogger.org [2] is a new site that aggregates local blogs, both in the United States and worldwide. It’s part of a relatively new trend focusing on hyperlocal information and community-building. The photographic equivalent of Placeblogger might be Photobloggers.org, [3] which is part of Photoblogs.org. [4]

While the ultimate goal of Photobloggers.org is to create a global RSS feed of all the local photoblogger sites, it currently lists the local sites individually on its home page.

The existing Photobloggers cities, in alphabetical order, are:

Barcelona, Spain; [5]
Budapest, Hungary; [6]

Chicago, U.S.; [7]

Edmonton, Canada; [8]

Houston, U.S.; [9]

London, U.K.; [10]

Los Angeles, U.S. (unclear whether it’s still being updated); [11]

New York City, U.S; [12]

Paris, France; [13]

San Francisco, U.S; [14]

St. Louis, U.S. (site not presently up); [15]

Toronto, Canada; [16]

Vancouver, Canada. [17]

The Photoblogs.org [18]wiki also lists cities where local photographers have indicated they’d like to create a group. U.S. cities on this list include Boston, Dallas/Fort Worth, Denver, D.C., Miami, San Diego and Seattle.

Non-U.S. cities include Bandung, Indonesia; Bordeaux, France; Brisbane, Australia; Calgary, Canada; Edinburgh, Scotland; Geneva, Switzerland; Glasgow, Scotland; Harderwijk, The Netherlands; Hyderabad, India; Jakarta, Indonesia; Kathmandu, Nepal; Kyiv, Ukraine; Mallorca; Melbourne, Australia; Mexico City, Mexico; Montreal, Canada; Mumbai, India; Munich, Germany; Nagoya, Japan; Oxford, England; Rennes, France; Perth, Australia; Singapore; Stockholm, Sweden; Sydney, Australia; Tehran, Iran; Utrecht, the Netherlands; Vienna, Austria; Seoul, Korea; and Tirol, Austria.

(Image by Joseph Palmer [19] of the Chicago Photobloggers group.)

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