Photographer Creates Heavenly Art with Flatbed Scanner

Ron Tarver, a staff photographer for the Philadelphia Inquirer for nearly 25 years, has produced a celestial-themed fine art exhibit using brown eggs in place of stars, fruit for planets — and a flatbed scanner instead of a camera.

In the exhibit, The World in a Grain of Sand, Tarver offers a modern twist on the photogram, camera-less images traditionally made by placing objects on photographic paper and exposing them to light. Tarver’s photograms are all-digital, with the scanner serving as his canvas.

Says the photographer:

The art of image-making is changing. New technology gives us an opportunity to create images previously unimagined. It is my hope that these images will allow the viewer to, in the words of poet William Blake, “See a world in a grain of sand … and hold infinity in the palm of your hand.”

Ron Tarver will be exhibiting at Delaware’s Packard Reath Gallery through July 27.

Source: Wilmington News Journal.

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