Ilford Photo Celebrates Black-and-White Photography

Ilford Photo, the UK-based maker of photographic consumables which has remained committed to monochrome films and paper as players like Kodak have left the market, will hold an exhibition next month to showcase 150 years of black-and-white photography — and to show off its paper in the process. The exhibit, “Pioneers of Photography,” runs from April 16-28 at London’s HOST Gallery. (Via PhotographyBLOG.)

Tip to Steve Jobs: iTunes Should Sell Stock Photos

The Web has changed photography in so many ways. I’m not just talking about the ability to e-mail images from a shoot, or the fact that tools like Photoshop are becoming online services. I’m talking about the ability of photographers to showcase their portfolios online, to write blogs that explain who they are and what they’re working on, and to stay in touch with each other through social networking systems.

Copyright Suit is on the Money

U.S. photographer Kelly Fajack, whose photo of Burundi schoolchildren mysteriously wound up depicted on the African nation’s 10,000 Franc note, has added the country’s U.K.-based currency maker to his copyright infringement lawsuit.

Tea, War and Protest in Iran

Since the overthrow of the Shah and the kidnapping of the American hostages in 1979, Iran has always been in the news. For nine years, while Iran was closed to most Westerners, I travelled there taking pictures of events, life under the Ayatollahs and the Iran/Iraq war.

Flickr Makes Photo Contests Easier

In a previous post, I warned pro photographers against using Flickr as an archiving system. But while I wouldn’t recommend Flickr for storage, it does have a number of uses that make it increasingly worthwhile.

Zooomr to Move Into Photo Sales

It’s been predicted for some time that Flickr would move into the stock photo business. But it looks like upstart Zooomr has beaten them to it.

Markup? Yes, Mark it Up!

What, the cost of an assignment? Of course, there are photographer’s fees and appropriate usage fees. There are also assignment-specific expenses, such as parking, mileage, and often an assistant. Equipment rentals, and expendables like gaffers tape, seamless, and for old-school assignments, film and Polaroids.

China Market May Be Ripe for Microstock

For me, one of the big stock photography mysteries has been the size of the market in China and its potential for growth. I recently spent 10 days in China talking to photographers and stock agents in an effort to get a better understanding of where this market is today and how it might develop in the next few years.

How Time Magazine Went Wrong

In Time’s first issue showing off its Economist-influenced redesign, the cover photo illustration depicts Ronald Reagan shedding a Photoshopped tear.

Radar Online had fun with the image and Time’s “somewhat cryptic credit”:

It’s Okay PDN, We Still Love You

Andy Goetze took a shot at PDN Online today based on its declining Alexa ranking:

With all their resources, with all their money, with all their reputation … I don´t how they do it, but PDN yesterday became the nightmare of the advertising community, crossing Alexa´s styx: 100,482.

Specialist Photographers Need Special Drive and Talent

In her post on war photography, Anh Stack says that when someone tells her that he wants to be a war photographer, she doesn’t encourage him. She’s completely right, of course. In fact, I’d go even further and make it clear that that’s just not something we at Black Star can do.

Photographers’ Blogs Should Focus on the Work — Not Whining

In my post on creating a winning portfolio, I mentioned that in addition to assessing the skills and talents of a photographer, I also want to know a little about the photographer as a person. That’s why when photographers tell me they have a blog, I always take a look at it.

Many Are Happy That the Getty-Jupiter Wedding Is Off

The discussions between Getty Images and Jupitermedia about Getty’s possible acquisition of the smaller company have been terminated, with each company going its separate ways. The statement issued by Jupitermedia offered no explanation for this turn of events. It is unclear whether Getty withdrew its offer, or whether the final offer was simply lower than Alan Meckler was willing to accept. One analyst speculates that either concerns about anti-trust issues, or current operating trends at Jupiter could have soured the deal for Getty.

Getty Images Scoops Up Scoopt

Less than a month after buying WireImage, Getty Images has acquired Scoopt, the U.K.-based citizen journalism service that has tapped into the pervasiveness of camera phones.

Reports PDNOnline:

How Not to Take Photos of a Thai Temple

I was sitting on the floor of a Hong Kong tram looking at an image in the monitor of my camera. “Excuse me sir,” said a passenger. “If you push the window down and lift the camera a little higher you won’t get all the flare that you’re getting on your photographs.”

Is Flickr Really the Best Way to Store Your Photos?

Since Flickr has surfaced, photographers of all levels have flocked to it. However, how useful is this service really for the professional photographer?

Flickr advertises itself as a “the best way to store, search, sort and share your photos,” so I decided to take a look at whether they live up to their storage & archiving claims.

An Annual Challenge: Creating a Cohesive Look with Multiple Photographers

If you want to find examples of superb photography, you can certainly look at publications like Time, Newsweek and National Geographic. But if you want to see how some of the biggest photographic challenges are met today, you should look at the publications here.

Winning Contests Takes Skill, a Desire to Learn — and Luck

January and February is contest time in our business. Lot’s of talk about whether contests are important or just a waste of time. Believe me, they are important — especially for a young photographer making a mark. They are very useful for an older photographer (like me) to keep track of your best work over the years. The 16 x 20 mounted prints for the White House News Photographers Contest are my only record of my best efforts of the ’60s to the ’80s.

Photogravure: Still Beautiful After All These Years

Maggie Anderson of the Daily Iowan has a profile of Lothar Osterburg, a leading practitioner and teacher of the 19th century photographic process called photogravure.

In Rural China, It Helps to Be Optimistic

“There are no tickets to Wuhan,” said the woman at the train station in Shenzen. “Come back in a week.”

“We need to go today,” said my assistant, who speaks enough Cantonese to be able to make himself understood in southern China. The ticket seller called her supervisor to the booth. They prodded and poked at a computer system and then the supervisor came up with a suggestion. We should catch a taxi to the bus station and travel to the next town. From there we were advised to take the Metro system to the train station and board the train.

Photographers a Hazard on PGA Tour?

Thursday at the PGA’s Honda Classic, John Daly suffered a shoulder injury and had to drop out of the tournament when a photographer’s flash caused him to pull up awkwardly on his backswing.

Digg-Love Can Sell Photos

When people think of Digg, it’s not usually in connection with the photography industry or the promotion of photographers. But that could be a mistake. As a community-driven social content site, Digg should be on everyone’s radar — including that of the professional photographer.

Eric Blackhurst, Deep-Space Photographer

San Diego CityBEAT has a nice profile of astrophotographer Eric Blackhurst, manager of Oceanside Photo and Telescope, in today’s issue. An excerpt:

Rights Dispute Blocks Photographers from Shooting State Basketball Championships

Photographers from the New Orleans Times-Picayune and four other Louisiana newspapers were barred from covering the state girls’ high school basketball championship this week because they refused to sign a rights agreement with the Louisiana High School Athletic Association. The Times-Picayune reports:

Yeah, But Can Grandma Do This?

We found an interesting retort to the “endangered species” post by Alan Mutter (pictured). From a commenter on Roy Greenslade’s blog: