New York City, One Step at a Time

I admit I’ve got a thing for New York City. Something about the energy, the vibrancy, the diversity, the ability to be as visible or invisible as you want, keeps me coming back. And I’d jump at the chance to live there again, after having moved away years ago. One of the things I’ve always loved about New York is that I could usually get anywhere I needed on foot or by subway, and so I developed an intimate connection to the city that I wouldn’t have been able to if I’d just driven around in a car.

It’s that connection, the ability to experience what an environment looks and feels and smells and sounds like when it’s explored on foot, that makes Caleb Smith’s
New York City Walk (discovered through the terrific site) so powerful.

Starting in May 2002 and ending more than two years later in December 2004, Smith marked off each street on a map he carried with him as he moved from neighborhood to neighborhood. He also took photographs of the various neighborhoods, the bridges, the theaters, the libraries, the parks and the everyday people he met.

But as Smith points out, he’s not the first or the only one to have embarked on such a journey. He points to the New Mexico Catron County Walk blog, which in turn points to walking blogs about Staten Island, Berkeley, Fort Bragg and others.

Have a look at these great sites and then let us know, where will 2007 take you?

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