Living for Now as a Freelance Photographer

Most small business owners scramble to keep ahead. As the saying goes, they are too busy making a living to take the time to make a life.

Where are you headed in your career? This is a question I’ve asked many small business owners over the years.

Most of them point to a mythical room, somewhere over there. If they survive, they believe they will gain entry to that room, where they’ll find peace, an abundant life, time to travel, even a trout stream.

They consider hard work and long hours to be the passwords or keys to that mythical room, where they’ll gain entry once they have “paid their dues.”

Start Living Now

For photographer-entrepreneurs, this need not be the case. If you’re doing what you love to do, you’re already living your dream.

Freelance photographers have the opportunity to be our own boss, work at our own time schedule and live where we want to, right from the start. I know many photographers who said early in their career, “Here’s where I want to live; here’s what I want my lifestyle to be.” They pulled up stakes and went for it. And they are happy.

When you are doing what you love to do, many things you might have previously thought essential to “making it” — designer clothing, a current-year car, a status address — become far less important. You can turn that mythical room and all its treasures into reality when you break away from someone else’s idea of success, and settle into a lifestyle that allows your talents to blossom.

And you know what? Your spirit will blossom also.

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2 Responses to “Living for Now as a Freelance Photographer”

  1. Thanks for the bit of hope and inspiration. Any tips on getting started in the freelance world as a poor recent graduate?

  2. Yes: learn to write as well, then write and photograph your own stuff, and freelance it out to newspapers and the like.
    Remember, where you live is foreign or unique to someone -- you just have to work out where the someone is. I've travelled the world that way.

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