Leverage Your Photography Skills to Generate Leads

When I had my bridal and fashion jewelry business, getting press was a big part of my marketing strategy. I really didn’t know much about PR until I dove into it. As my pieces started to get featured more and as I became a writer for some of these publications, one of the things I learned is that established magazines typically have a photographer on call or on staff to shoot their featured articles for each edition.

But smaller, newer or local publications don’t always have the budget to hire a photographer, and this could present a hidden opportunity for you.

I’m not typically a fan of giving your time or work away for free, unless it is genuinely a charitable occasion or you can use it to gain valuable exposure to grow your business.

As an example, when I had my bridal jewelry business, I gave a lot of products away to the readers of top wedding blogs through giveaways and contests. Yes, it cost me a small amount, but it was a fabulous way to get my name in front of potential customers and it always paid off in more traffic, leads and customers.

In this case, you could contact smaller, local publications or up-and-coming magazines that you believe your ideal type of client would read and offer your services free in exchange for advertising space or a half page photo credit bio for the cover work.

You might go through a few no’s before you get a yes, but if the publication is the right one, it will be worth a little rejection to find that diamond in the rough opportunity.

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