It’s Time to Add Video to Your Web Site

Web video is here to stay and broadband is the vehicle that is fueling the boom. Just about every size and shape of digital camera that is sold today includes the capability to take motion pictures. Depending on the camera, you can record both audio and video, ranging from a four-minute segment to 20 minutes or more. And what can you do with these segments? Advertise your work, of course.

Even if you’re not ready to become a professional videographer as well as a photographer, you should still use video to promote yourself on your own Web site, on a portal, on YouTube, MySpace, and the many other video-hosting communities that are currently competing for eyeballs.

Everyone Loves a Parade

Why is this important? Everyone loves a parade. We enjoy watching snippets of a parade. They last only a few minutes, and then another section of the parade comes along. It goes along with human nature to be engrossed for a few minutes in people-watching.

Every photographer should have slideshows on their site of selected images. But with video, you can also show potential customers who you are, your surroundings, and your viewpoints on issues that are relevant to photo buyers. By posting your videos on video-hosting sites, you’ll also improve the chances that a potential customer will find you through a Google search.

To give you an example of how this can work, here’s a video that I posted on YouTube a while back:

Web video’s rapid growth will continue. In our industry, video will be the most important form of media on the Internet. And the most important medium for self-promotion and client relations.

It’s About a Clear Message, Not Technical Perfection

You probably remember previous attempts of Web video technology. They were filled with static, flickers, and glitches. On regular phone lines, they were impossible to view. Now the technology is much better. There’s still some room for improvement, but for you, the time has come to start doing your homework and getting into the game.

If like many photographers you consider yourself a perfectionist, you’ll need to accept the fact that with a promotional Web video, no one expects Hollywood style lighting and precision. If the message is clear, technical mastery can take a back seat. You’re looking to be hired as a photographer, not a videographer.

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