How to Get Website Visitors to Call You When They Can’t Tell The Difference Between Your Work and an Amateur’s

As an artist, it’s natural to want your prospects to appreciate the quality of your work. After all, you’ve put a lot of energy into perfecting your craft. It’s also the reason you feel justified in charging top rates.

But what do you do when prospects just don’t seem to have a clue about what makes a photograph good? What if they can’t tell the difference between amateur work and elite, professional work?

The reality is, if you’re selling to the public and not to editors, the vast majority of your audience will not be able to “see” the difference between a seasoned, highly skilled photographer and a newbie. At least, not to the extent that you can. They just aren’t trained in your craft and they have no idea what to look for. In fact, they probably don’t even know this is something they should be looking for!

There is no sense wasting your website words trying to convince them your work is the best because they won’t be able to see it for themselves and will just come across as a lot of self-hype.

If you want to get their attention and land that call, you may need to shift your perspective a bit.

Ask yourself this: “If the quality and/or style of my specific photography is better or different, why should this matter to my clients?” And the answer has to be down-to-earth, relatable and possibly tangible to your visitors…otherwise, it won’t stick.

Here’s a case study: 

I’ve got a wonderful wedding photography client who is fabulous at taking candid, in-the-moment shots and she spends very little time, if any, setting the stage for each picture. She calls her photography “natural style photography.”

While that may be true and accurate, it doesn’t really translate to most visitors. Their first impression is most likely to be “what the heck is ‘natural style photography’ and why should I care?”

So we changed it. “No Embarrassing Poses. Just Natural Wedding Photos You’ll Simply Love!” Now it’s relatable. Now visitors can instantly understand why this style of photography might be a better fit for them. (As always, please be cool. Case studies aren’t meant to be copied, they are meant to inspire.)

If you want more website visitors to pick up the phone and call you over someone else, when they really don’t know how to compare the quality of your work, this is how. Show them how your talent translates into a better experience or end product for them.

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