How to Find the Perfect Wedding Photographer: Preserving Your Memories

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There is no better way to preserve your wedding day memories than with a wedding book displaying your photographs. Unfortunately, it’s one aspect of choosing a photographer that many couples overlook.

When you meet with prospective photographers, take a close look at the books they’ve created. They should be easy to read and have a narrative flow. You should enjoy flipping through them — even if you don’t know the people in the pictures.

Ask the photographer about his or her process. Today, there are more choices than ever, and a good photographer should have a variety of book samples to choose from. Don’t leave it as an afterthought; make sure you know what you’re getting well before the big day.

A Permanent Record

Even with all the new ways to view pictures, nothing comes close to a book. A wedding book is more useful than a portfolio of images on CD or a set of 4×6 prints. It’s more convenient than an online slideshow or a digital photo frame.

After all of the flowers are gone and the cake is cut, the wedding album is the one thing you’ll have to show for the big event — besides your spouse, of course.

<em>A wedding album should include only the best images.</em>” width=”400″ height=”267″ /><p class=A wedding album should include only the best images.

Choosing Images

The process of creating a book starts with selecting the right photographs, which can be more difficult than you might think. We offer our couples two options to begin the design process: they can choose the pictures themselves, or we can do it for them.

If the couple decides to select the pictures themselves, I offer them the following advice:

1. Select only the best pictures for a wedding book.

Strive for your book to be more than a keepsake. Think of it as a work of art. It’s something that will remain on display in your home and be viewed and enjoyed by visitors for years to come.

A wedding album shouldn’t be a scorecard for family photos. A book filled with group photographs isn’t fun for anyone to look through. And maybe that less-than-perfect picture of Uncle Bob would be better off as a framed gift; he’ll appreciate that more anyway.

By limiting your image selection to only the best pictures, the design of the book will remain uncluttered and beautiful.

<em>A handful of group photographs is all your really need to display in a wedding album.</em>” width=”400″ height=”267″ /><p class=A handful of group photographs is all your really need to display in a wedding album.

2. Choose pictures that tell a story.

The best books have a beginning, middle and end. By selecting pictures that tell as story, you create a book that’s more satisfying to view and easier to digest.

<em>Pictures in a wedding book should tell a story.</em>” width=”400″ height=”267″ /><p class=Pictures in a wedding book should tell a story.

3. Eliminate redundant images from your selection.

Space is at a premium in a wedding book. Unless there is a sequence of images that work together, more than one picture of any one moment on the wedding day is probably too many.

We like to create scenes in our books. One scene might be of the wedding couple cutting the cake. The scene might include a detail shot of the cake, a picture of the couple cutting the cake, and a reaction shot of the wedding guests.

By selecting pictures with scenes and story in mind, eliminating duplicate or similar images, you create a narrative momentum for those who view your book.

Designing Your Book

<em>Today, wedding albums are becoming more and more like books.  They are bound like a book, with images printed on the pages.</em>” width=”400″ height=”267″ /><p class=Today, wedding albums are becoming more and more like books. They are bound like a book, with images printed on the pages.

After the images are selected, my designer and I create a proof of the book for the wedding couple. The couple can view the design online and request any changes they would like made.

We carry four main books, each with a different look and feel. In general, wedding albums are becoming more like professionally bound books, with the images printed directly on the pages. They can be easily reprinted as gifts to parents and other family members.

Depending on the book you choose, you may not receive your finished album for some time after the wedding day. But when I deliver an album to a wedding couple, it’s a deeply satisfying conclusion to the experience — for them and for me.

2 Responses to “How to Find the Perfect Wedding Photographer: Preserving Your Memories”

  1. I have had the opposite experience - brides trying to choose their photographer based on album type!

    First question is what kind of album do you offer and how much is it.

  2. Hi Rich,

    Thanks for your note. Sorry I didn't respond sooner. We carry four books, one is made in Japan, one is made in Italy, one is made in New Zealand and one is made in Santa Monica, California.

    They're all fairly well-known brands in the wedding business. There are pictures with samples and descriptions all on our blog.

    We don't use the brand names to describe our books. Mainly because that is what everyone uses to describe the book. We would prefer to have specific names denoting the style of the book. For instance, our Fine Art book is a more traditional album than our coffee table book.

    I haven't ever had your experience. I recently had a Mother call to ask if we would help them with a book though. She had hired us a couple of years ago and then found another photographer for another daughter's wedding in another state. Unfortunately, the photographer they hired didn't carry the same books that we did.

    Prices for our books range from $775 to $5,000 depending on the book. We try to create books that fit any budget.

    Hope this helps!

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