VIDEO: Google Analytics for Photographers: Landing Page Strategy

A “landing page” is the page where a visitor enters your Web site. In this video in my Google Analytics series, I show you my strategy for optimizing multiple landing pages on my site to attract more traffic — and more prospective customers.

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  1. My most popular landing page is my blog page, then the home page, then other pages on the site, followed by individual blog posts, though upon first publishing individual blog posts can spike to second place.

  2. This is very helpful

  3. Excellent video on "landing page" approach. After, you can personalize by top 10 keyword requests, by traffic sources (PPC, SEO, affiliation, email, etc.), by main thematic of your website, etc.
    I worked a lot with then, feel free to check my posts about landing page optimization available here:

  4. How do I set up a landing page for a blog like you just said on the video?

  5. Filipino Photographer: All you need to do is setup a blog -- I believe all blogs have a main page included that lists all your blog posts, and this is essentially your landing page!

  6. Great short and sweet demonstration. This is something very very very very overlooked by photographers. Pages like this can be so strong for SEO and I'm working on some experiments in the area to see how they play out. I think experimenting is good to try and help your website out but also to help you learn.

    I might even suggest that you create a second page like that - not linked from your menu or anything - but with some alternate ways of promoting the service and describing it. You might even make it more of a visual page to try and sell the photography service.

    In a way it could be like a/b testing but that gets a little much. I would just try mentioning both on twitter, linking through your blog and stuff too. See how the search engine reacts to these pages and which one gets indexed higher.

    Just a thought on this Saturday morning.

    Ps. They way Kim pronounced "Blog Post" was awesome. I'm sure as a Canadian, I say it interesting too.

    I'm reminded that I need to do more videos and that I don't have to make them 20 minutes long. Thanks for that spark of thought.

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