Go Beyond Taking Photos to Explore Your Creativity and Expand Your Business

A colleague specializing in travel photography recently asked me about my photography projects. I told him that one of my projects was designing and producing all the communication materials for an art exhibit: catalogues, posters, street banners, mail invitations, video, viral communication, and — oh yes — photography.

My fellow photographer reacted in awe; it was not what he expected to hear. But I think expanding your creative horizons, and broadening your business, is a smart path for many of us to consider today.

The Opportunity

In this case, I became involved with the art exhibit project about a year ago. A friend named Eva Basile — an artist and textile design teacher — had the idea to organize a touring exhibit of artist feltmakers from around the world.

The project has gathered the forces of three major organizations that deal with the medium of felt: Coordinamento Tessitori in Italy, FilzNetzwerk e.V. in Germany and the International Feltmakers Association, based in the U.K.

From the start, we used photography to set high standards for the project. A well-done photo is the best business card any venture can have. It immediately leaves the impression that you are committed to quality and that your exhibit will demonstrate the same level of professionalism.

We delivered two shots per art piece to be used in association with the event, with and without the graycard for proper white balancing and color conversion. We worked directly with the catalogue publisher to ensure the final product would be right for the exhibit.

Next, we organized the work and the schedule for a promotional video, from filming to editing.

We also managed the use of social networks, including YouTube, Facebook groups and events, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Doing It All

Many photographers have valuable skills that extend beyond taking pictures. For the most part, we are professionals used to working under pressure and tight deadlines, which makes us well suited to manage projects.

As storytellers, we have the vision to develop communication plans and implement them in ways that connect with people.

Granted, not all of us have the same skills and interests. So start by analyzing what you do well, or what you believe you would do well given the opportunity. Then, assess how these talents might fill needs for your clients — and package your offerings accordingly.

Finally, always follow your passions. That will ensure your path is a coherent, and happy, one.

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  1. Lovely: thank you for the link to my website. I would have loved to see some pictures!!!

  2. This is a great way to really try and expand your horizons by seeing what other avenues than photography you could expand your business into. I know personally I have been lax on getting into more of the social media for my business, and I can see that I really need to start doing this.

  3. @Denver

    Thanks! Well at the base of the whole article there is a simple notion, photography is a tool, an instrument that is useful to promote an event as well as your own business, from the small chat about the equipment you use, to a deeper dscussion on the value of photography in the new media, it all helps to get you out there establishing new connections and expand your network.

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