Get More Clients: Creating a Script for Client Phone Calls

Scripts will help tremendously when you’re starting out to do client phone calls. It might feel a little robotic at first, but after a few calls and revisions to your script, you’ll be doing it like a pro.

A lot of people (myself included) have a hard time remembering all they need to say on a client phone call or in a meeting. We’ve found that creating a script has made our calls go SO much smoother, and it’s also helped us in our meetings as well! Using a script can also make it easier to decipher if you and the lead are a good fit.

What a Good Script Should Include

When you’re creating a script, you’ll want to think of what all you need to find out, what you want to tell the couple, and what your goal is during the phone call. When we talk to our clients, we want to do the following:

1)    Find out details about the couple’s wedding: date, ceremony time, location, etc.

2)    Find out about the couple: who they are, how they met, what kind of wedding they’re planning

3)    Educate them about who we are and the experience we provide

4)    Find out if their budget allows us to photograph their wedding

5)    Find out what’s important to them in wedding photography

6)    Close the sale or set up a meeting

A Few Tips

When you’re creating your script, take each of these points, and start typing up what you generally tell a client about them. Remember, you don’t want your script to sound scripted, so make sure you are typing like you actually are talking to someone about this information.

Once you have the basics typed up, let it set and look at it the following day. This will help you catch any typos and make sure the script sounds natural. Don’t worry if your script is turning out longer than you thought. Our script is actually about two and a half pages long, but we don’t necessarily say everything on each phone call. Think of it as an outline to make sure you bring up important topics. It can also serve as a prompter in case you forget anything. If possible, have someone look over your script to guarantee it sounds like you.

Again, a script can really help you out if you do a lot of phone calls or meetings. Not only will it give help you clarify the vision that you’d like to convey to your client, but it will help prompt you as you do these phone calls so you don’t forget to gather key pieces of information. It might take a few tries before you’re comfortable, but once you start using it consistently you’ll be more comfortable and should notice a major improvement in flow in your phone calls and meetings.

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