Fun with Photoshop Filters: Flaming Pear’s Flood

I don’t spend a lot of time playing with creative Photoshop plug-in filters, but I have to admit they are a lot of fun. In fact, if I had more time, I’d probably spend my life doing nothing else.

One of my favorite filters is Flaming Pear’s “Flood” filter that lets you add a watery foreground reflection to virtually any scene. It’s a lot of fun to add reflections to subjects like desert landscapes or city streets where they just don’t belong.

The filter is super easy to use and so far I haven’t come across (or gone looking for) much in the way of documentation, so most of what I do is just click on various tool icons to see what happens — a great way to learn what a filter can do, by the way.

You can alter the appearance of the reflection by adding things like waves and ripples, and you can also control the perspective of the reflection and where exactly it intersects your subject. I created this shot of the reflection of the Eiffel Tower in just a few minutes of playing and experimenting.

For $29, it’s a filter that’s well worth owning and you can download it immediately from the Flaming Pear site. The company offers several other interesting filters, too.


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