For Marketers: What To Expect From A Professional Photographer

In this edition of Ask the Photo Business Coach, I tell marketers what to expect from a professional photographer. When you’re hiring a photographer, the experience should be professional from end to end.

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  1. when you start to print the texts, I will be delighted to read them. Until then -- forget it. My time is far too valuable to watch a video.I need to be able to skim the text to see if I want to read the article. No equivalent in video.
    It's ironic that you write about how to reach a market and you prepare your materials in a format that many of us reject.

  2. I second Richard Lord completely!

  3. HI, I actually think this is a great video, its short and concisely communicates what is a standard level of a proffessional photgraphy business operation. This issue is exsactly what I am dealing with at present I have been searching for different types of business and assignment software for proffessional photographers. I have come across two that seem to have all these features built in, one is Photobyte ( freeware by Tom Zimberoff) and Successware. I wonder what you think about these two business management tools and is there something better or more or less complicated that still meets the requirements you have outlined here? Kind Regards, Nadene Allan

  4. Hi Richard and Sephi,

    While I get your point my column over here at Blackstar is a VIDEO column. Meaning that all my contributions here will be video. If you want to read my musings you can go to my blog or sign up for the monthly TipSheet that is read by thousands of photo pros.

    One of my lessons is about that you can't make it right for everyone but you have to pick and choose your outlets. Again, here it is video

    Thank you Nadene, I appreciate your kind comments. I am not familiar with Photobyte or Successware but will look into them. It is highly likely that any system is better then what you would be able to put together yourself. Most software places allow you a free trial so I would take it for a spin and see how you like it.

    Best wishes,

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