Five Relationship-Building Tips for Wedding Photographers

Editor’s note: Natalie Bradley is a consultant who helps wedding photographers and other wedding professionals attract new business. In this video, she shares five tips for earning referrals from vendors and brides.

17 Responses to “Five Relationship-Building Tips for Wedding Photographers”

  1. Great Advice! Simple but the simple things always work.

  2. Awesome usual! Very thankful for all of your wisdom, Natalie! You are very inspiring!

  3. Great tips for wedding photographers

  4. This was GREAT information. It helped reinforced the strategies that I presently have in place as well as affirmed that I am on the right track.

  5. great ideas! thanks so much!

  6. Great advice. Very well put. Excellent for photographers and all wedding pros.

    Just sent a letter to my top 20 list today!

  7. GREAT tips, Natalie! We want to hear more...

  8. Don't let the simplicity of it all fool you. As Natalie shares, building relationships is not difficult, it's just a matter of doing some simple things consistently.

  9. These are great tips -- thank you! I love how simple you've made it.

  10. Natalie, this is so helpful. I am not a wedding photographer, but I still see how I can use your tips in my own business, so thank you for inspiring me!

  11. Great information that is always good to be reminded of. These tips really do work, the trick is to do it consistently over time. Thanks, Natalie.

  12. What great information Natalie! You always share the best and most helpful ideas!

  13. This is such great advice, building relationships is what it's all about.

  14. Thanks Natalie. Good post.
    - the Mojuba Wedding gang

  15. Awesome job Natalie! When you're talking about getting images to a wedding planner, what kind of images are you hoping for? In other words, what kind of pictures do you want to show off to your clients? We take all kinds of fun pictures throughout the day, but our fav's may not be all that relevant to you.

  16. Just saw this question - sorry for the delayed response here. Emotional pictures that tell a "story" are great, details, details, details, and also overall event pictures are exceptional for planners (or really any vendor honestly)!

    Happy Bride Attraction,

  17. Dear Natalie,

    Great advice and well done! Thanks for all the inspiration.


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