SlideShowPro: Helping Photographers Exhibit Their Work Online

Mike Sansone at the Photopreneur blog has a nice post on SlideShowPro and its creator, Todd Dominey. Writes Mike:

For a while now one of the most stylish ways of exhibiting photos online has been to use SlideShowPro, a component for Macromedia Flash. The program lets photographers and Web developers place interactive galleries on their websites, complete with MP3 files, thumbnails and even automated Flickr feeds. For photographers, it’s one of the sleekest ways to show your favorite pictures on a website.

And yet, like much of what’s best about the world of photopreneurs, SlideShowPro wasn’t created by a big software company looking to corner a market. It’s the work of Todd Dominey, a Web designer … who was looking for an easy way to rotate photography on clients’ sites — and decided to share what he’d built.

Read the full article here. And check out our recent post on another way to showcase your photos online, Good Widgets.

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