Even in a Video World, Soundslides Creator Joe Weiss Believes in the Value of Audio Slideshows

Soundslides is a tool designed to create audio slide shows from still images. Originally made for journalists but available to anyone for the cost of $39.95, it creates Macromedia Flash files that are publishable on the Web.

Poynter Online published an interview with Soundslides creator and photojournalist Joe Weiss in which he shares his belief in the continued importance of audio slideshows:

The assumption has been that … video storytelling on the Web will eventually overtake still photography on the Web. The problem is that I have no way of knowing if that’s true or not, and no one else does either.

Couple reasons not to use video. One, newspapers still need stills. They still need still photography. Two, they have a trained staff, a trained visual staff, [which] is used to working in still photojournalism. … I think that moving from still photography to an audio slideshow helps the journalist, the visual journalist, because they can maintain the … quality that they’ve had with their still photojournalism but at the same time they can add linear storytelling skills, which will be super essential when they get to video.

The interesting part of multimedia, for me, has been this part where we’re exploring all these different formats. … I like to try new things. But I think that there will come a point where we need to have some standardization, in order to, like, speak the language.

Read the entire interview here.

To see some examples of slideshows created with Soundslides, go to the site’s forum section. Note that Soundslides also permits online captions, which is a nice feature that allows additional information to be conveyed about a particular image.

Here is an excellent example of an audio slideshow (note the upload time is a bit slow) about Philadelphia’s Eastern State Penitentiary, which was created by photojournalism student Jauhienik Sasnouski.

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