New Epson Storage Viewers Help Keep Track of Your Photos

Late last year, Epson added two new multimedia storage viewers for photographers on the go, the P-3000 and the P-5000. So far, they have been well-received.

Writes reviewer Murray Hill on

If you’re like me, you probably have hundreds, perhaps thousands, of photographs sitting on your computer… Epson may well have a product that you and I might find very useful.

The P-3000 Multimedia Storage Viewer has a four-inch LCD screen that’s one of the first to produce colour using four colours … The enhanced greens offer a much deeper, more vivid view than I’ve ever seen before on an LCD.

The P-3000 is a great addition to a photographer’s gadget bag. Take all your photos in whatever format — RAW, JPEG, whatever — then quickly download all of them from your camera for viewing. The large screen and great display will quickly tell you whether your photos are any good, and you can zoom in on various portions of the photos to check out details. Once you’ve emptied your camera and checked your work, erase the card and keep going. With the 40GB hard drive you’ll be able to store thousands of photos or movies.

It saves having to haul along a laptop for editing, and at [$499 US] it’s inexpensive enough for a working photographer to easily add to the camera bag… All told, the Epson P-3000 Multimedia Storage Viewer is a worthwhile investment for the serious or professional photographer.

The P-5000 offers similar features with twice the storage capacity. You can learn more about these viewers at the Epson online store.

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