Elton John and Partner: The New Medicis of Photography?

Pop star Elton John and his partner David Furnish own the greatest privately held collection of 20th century photography, according to London’s Independent. The newspaper wonders if John’s collection — which will be displayed at the Baltic Centre of Contemporary Art in September — is an indication that celebrity collectors have too much influence over today’s art world.

The Independent’s Andrew Johnson, dubbing celebrities like John the “new Medicis,” asserts:

Not everyone is appreciative of the new Medicis … Mutterings in the art world accuse them of driving up prices by competing against each other — pricing out public galleries, which now face historical gaps in collections…

The art critic Brian Sewell said: “I think it’s sheer vanity. Most of them know [bleep] about art.”

John’s photography collection includes 2,500 images by artists ranging from Pablo Picasso to Man Ray and Robert Mapplethorpe.

(Photograph by Lee Allen.)

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  1. Who says this is the greatest private photographic collection? The article by Andrew Johnson is pure British puff.

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