E-Mail and Article Marketing for Wedding Photographers

In this video in my series on wedding photography marketing, I offer tips on using e-mail and article marketing to grow your wedding photography business.

3 Responses to “E-Mail and Article Marketing for Wedding Photographers”

  1. Another great collection of tips Natalie if you ever come to London, I'm stealing you for coffee!

    All the best,


  2. Natalie - great advice - have any favorite article marketing sites? Any suggestions for finding the "right" article marketing site?

  3. There are tons of free ones out there, but my favorite that will generate you the MOST results the FASTEST is http://www.easypushbuttontraffic.com because you submit your article to their site and they submit them for you to dozens of other sites. You can also upload your videos here too which is a great bonus. One of our clients used this site doing what I suggested in the video and went from have a few thousand links come up on google to over 400,000 in a matter of about 30 days. That's powerful ... especially when brides are searching all over the internet!

    Oh .. and David, I just might be coming to London this summer! ; )

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