Don’t Wait for Economic Recovery to Buff Your Company’s Image with Photography

Run to the hills, civilization has collapsed!

OK, the past several months have certainly been economically harrowing for businesses of all sizes. But the danger in being gripped by fear and uncertainty is that you might not be taking the steps you need to to secure your company’s future.

Fear Itself

One major contributing factor to the depth of our current worldwide recession is perception and how this affects confidence. In the U.K., we saw huge reductions in mortgage interest rates and sales taxes. Both of these steps put more money into people’s pockets, and you’d think this would have boosted the public’s confidence.

But just the opposite appeared to be true — thanks, in no small part, to fear-inducing media coverage of every negative piece of economic data.

How many times have we each seen the Great Depression invoked in news reports at this point? One hundred times? A thousand? More?

One day, you’re going to see the media jump off the “fear” bandwagon and jump on the “recovery” bandwagon. But by then, the smart money will have already invested in the future — and those businesses will be the ones profiting most.

Time to Invest in Marketing

In fact, many leading companies have already redoubled their marketing efforts to take advantage of lower advertising rates and build market share at a time when other businesses sit on the sidelines.

Meanwhile, those companies on the sidelines have seen their revenues shrink with no relief in site. Without marketing, where can that relief come from?

If your company has been holding back on marketing so far, now is the time to review this policy and to look at effective methods to win back business lost through the recession. Now is the time to appear strong, confident and successful — to set yourself apart from the competition.

The Value of Photography

As a photographer, I see the impact that quality images have for successful companies every day. And I see the impact that a lack of quality images has as well.

I’ll give you an example. All too often, I look at the “Our People” section of a company’s Web site and see head shots taken by amateurs with the office camera. Messy backgrounds, pixilated images, out-of-focus images.

I try to put myself in the shoes of a customer looking at one of these sites. I try to imagine how I would perceive that company if I were looking to purchase their services. Would I think of them as professional, financially sound and confident in their future?

I’m afraid not. So why should I do business with them?

Your Confidence Is Showing

Now, what if the executive portraits were of professional quality, with well lit, clean backgrounds and a little touching up in Photoshop to make the executives look at attractive as possible?

It might sound shallow, but we are drawn to attractive people, in business and in life.

In business, the image we present to the world is all-important. This starts with the executive portrait and extends to product photography and all other imagery you use to project your company to the world.

Show that you’re confident about your future, and in time, your customers will be confident, too.

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