Digg-Love Can Sell Photos

When people think of Digg, it’s not usually in connection with the photography industry or the promotion of photographers. But that could be a mistake. As a community-driven social content site, Digg should be on everyone’s radar — including that of the professional photographer.

The Photopreneur blog has an interesting profile of Rich Legg, an amateur photographer who has had success marketing his work over Digg.

As an example, consider this post (which we wrote about earlier ), submitted as “Photograph of a lightbulb burning out”.

Legg’s post hit Digg’s Top 10 in All Topics and drew enormous traffic to his Web site. As described by Legg on his LeggNet’s Digital Capture blog (and submitted on Digg ):

Prior to February 5th, this website averaged around 300 – 400 visitors a day. Then the story hit on digg and here is what happened:

Monday February 5 – 126,742
Tuesday February 6 – 25,258

Wednesday February 7 – 12,199

Thursday February 8 – 6,211

Friday February 9 – 4,310

Saturday February 10 – 4,216

Sunday February 11 – 3,776

That’s 183,716 page loads from 158,312 unique visitors in the past week. If I remove my previous average of 300-400 per day, that is over 180,000 hits generated as a result of the digg story. Wow!…

One thing I didn’t expect with the notoriety on digg was the amount of traffic from other websites that this would create. While digg generated most of the hits the first day or two, other sites began referring hits to me.

If you are a professional photographer, and you market yourself through your Web site, couldn’t you also use that kind of a boost?

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