Photoshop CS3 Beta: So Far, So Good

Since the beta for Adobe Photoshop CS3 was made available last week, the early reviews have been positive. Here’s a sampling of what people are saying.


The new Photoshop is fast — very fast. The beta launched in less than six seconds, and the application positively rips through tasks like editing, opening and saving files.

.TG Daily:

It is one of the most significant updates in Photoshop history … The collective feel of the new feature set left the impression of a not quite revolutionary, but very solid and significant update to Photoshop.


I have been playing with the beta for a while now, and it’s been a blast … Photoshop CS3 shows some pretty significant speed increases over the Rosetta-emulated CS2 on the Mac Pro and MacBook Pros… I like the fact that the old warhorse, Photoshop, can still show a few new tricks, and make us realize why it’s such an important application in this space.

Mac Rumors: benchmark testing [has] shown significant improvement in Photoshop CS3 speeds vs. Photoshop CS2 speeds on Intel hardware …However, in the end the Photoshop CS3 software is still BETA software, and firm conclusions about the performance of the product should be avoided until the final version is shipped in Spring 2007.

More here and here.

Photoshop CS3 beta is available here as a free, 750 GB download.

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