Creating a Wedding Photography Website That Sells: Closing the Deal

In this video in my series on creating a wedding photography website that sells, I share tips on how to turn traffic to your site into bookings.

5 Responses to “Creating a Wedding Photography Website That Sells: Closing the Deal”

  1. Hi Natalie, I had a question about one point you made here - when you get an initial email or call, you send an email with link to various pages on your website. It feels strange that when a person picks up the phone you would just redirect them to your website - or is that after establishing a rapport and booking a consultation?

  2. Hi Natalie- Thanks for the information. We've been having trouble 'closing the deal' lately i will take your advice on board for the next wedding meeting.

  3. Hey Natalie,

    This was so helpful, and I'm happy that you posted this. I'm not a photographer, but I'm working on designing a website with and for a photographer who's also a good friend of mine. We're working on the content/copy now and I think the point you brought up about the bride being able to feel like she trusts you is REALLY important. I also agree with not putting the prices in the services section — I'd rather have someone email or call me for that.

  4. Right, now for a redesign to include some testimonials!!

  5. Thanks for the tips, I have found that calling the bride once she has sent me an email really works, suppose it boils down to the trust factor

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