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Copyright Suit is on the Money

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U.S. photographer Kelly Fajack, whose photo of Burundi schoolchildren mysteriously wound up depicted on the African nation’s 10,000 Franc note, has added the country’s U.K.-based currency maker to his copyright infringement lawsuit.

The issue has been a challenging one for Fajack, who took the pictures while working for a nonprofit organization and who has been reluctant to force payment from a country where the per-capita GDP is less than $800.

As PDN Online [2] reports:

The amended lawsuit accuses [currency manufacturer] De La Rue, the Republic of Burundi and other unnamed parties of reproducing one of Fajack’s images on a piece of currency without permission. The suit was filed this week in U.S. District Court in the Central District of California…

“While Fajack has no desire to punish or force a payment from an impoverished nation, he has long reasonably suspected the involvement and misconduct of third parties,” the lawsuit says.

A larger comparison of the images [3] can be found on Fajack’s Web site [4].

Tweet [1]