A Tribute to Bruce Fraser, Color Geek

Macworld, the Imaging Resource, John Nack and others are paying tribute this week to Bruce Fraser, who died Saturday at 52 after a brief battle with lung cancer.

From Mike Pasini of the Imaging Resource:

A pioneer in digital imaging, Fraser explained the key concepts in plain English both on the podium and in print, while making important contributions to the essential tools professional photographers rely on.

Writes Rick LePage in Macworld:

Bruce defined himself as a “color geek,” and that he was. Long before any of us were paying attention to RGB, CMYK and ColorSync, Bruce was knee-deep in it, largely a result of his frustration and fascination with the first generation of scanners for the Mac. He turned that passion into his profession, moving from product reviewer and user to book author, lecturer and guru. Later, as one of the co-founders of PixelGenius, he became a software developer of sorts, helping create a suite of Photoshop plug-ins because no one else was making the tools that he needed to use in his own work. Over the years we joked about the rise of “Bruce, Inc.,” but he never lost that interest in helping one more person get past some problem with Photoshop or digital photography.

All professional photographers owe Bruce a debt of gratitude. He’ll be missed.

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