Creativity, Dead? No! We’re on the Verge of a Creativity Boom

In this edition of Ask the Photo Business Coach, I address the question: “Is creativity dead?” No way! After a relatively dark period for creativity – brought on largely by business efforts to hold down costs – we’re on the verge of a resurgence that will benefit photo businesses.

One Response to “Creativity, Dead? No! We’re on the Verge of a Creativity Boom”

  1. Absolutely agree that creativity is not dead. However, I think companies will continue to outsource where it makes sense to do so (industrial tasks). Good clients understand that creativity should not be bargain-hunted in the same way.

    As a North American commercial photographer in Shanghai—I'm particularly fascinated by the direction countries like China are taking. As Chinese society is quickly transforming to be more western (capitalistic/individualistic), there is a big push for more creativity and less replication.

    The future is going to be interesting =)

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