Beate Chelette: Life After Corbis

Beate Chelette will relax and spend some quality time with her “intelligent, beautiful, opinionated” 15-year-old daughter Gina now that she has the opportunity to relax a bit. But don’t expect the energetic stock photography industry veteran to sit still for too long.

A consummate entrepreneur, Chelette already has some speaking engagements lined up. She is working on a book about “women who want it all and get it.” And, Chelette adds, she already has some ideas for new image collections. “But we really have to run the numbers and see what the chances of success are.”

Corbis announced this month that another industry veteran, Edie Tobias, will now lead the company’s celebrity division. Chelette directed the division for almost two years. She joined Corbis after the Seattle stock distributor purchased her Beateworks, a supplier of architectural and at-home lifestyle images. The former senior director of photography at Corbis said her departure from the company had been planned since she joined Corbis.

“They came up with the incredible opportunity to run entertainment and try to get it ready for the next decade,” said Chelette. “Nobody is leaving because they are mad. I really love Corbis. But, I’m an entrepreneur at heart.”

Tobias joins Corbis for the second time. She worked at Corbis from 2000 to 2005 after the distributor acquired Sharpshooters, where she was president. More recently, Tobias was vice president of creative content at Jupiterimages. She will be responsible for the Corbis Outline, [email protected], OutlineLive and Entertainment Red-Carpet collections.

Chelette, on the other hand, will be taking a break.

“I’m going to have some fun now,” Chelette asserts. “I’m going to take it easy for a bit. I didn’t walk into Corbis to have a career. I walked into Corbis because it was a cool opportunity. I’m a sucker for a good opportunity.”

[Photo of Beate Chelette by Ron Rovtar.]

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